Hotel Regulations




• Daily check-out time is 12:00pm and check in is 2.00pm.

• All guests must present a valid government issued identification document at the time of check in. According to the government regulations, only registered guests are allowed in hotel rooms.

• Any additional guests must be registered prior to 10.00pm daily. No visitors are permitted to enter or remain in hotel rooms after 10.00pm.

• Guests should ensure the door is locked when leaving the room and use the dead lock while they are inside the room.

• Guests are responsible for payment of the loss and/or breakage of any hotel property or equipment.

• Safety deposit boxes are provided in all guest rooms. The Hotel will not be liable for the loss or theft of money or valuable items.

• The use of cooking, heating or ironing equipment is strictly prohibited in the hotel due to fire risk.

• Refrain from smoking in places that represent a fire hazard or in non-smoking rooms.

• The following items and activities are strictly prohibited in the hotel.

• Pets or animals other than registered service animals.

• Food or other items with an offensive odor, in particular durian fruit.

• Weapons, combustible items, toxic materials, explosives, drugs.

• Gambling, prostitution and other such illegal activities.

• Please be respectful of other Hotel guests and avoid singing, shouting or creating other such disturbances. Management reserves the right to limit or stop such activities if they are deemed to be inconveniencing other guests.

• Suitable attire must be worn in public areas, including footwear. It is not permitted to wear your bathrobe, slippers or other indecent attire in public areas. Swimsuits may not be worn in the hotel expect at the swimming pool. Changing rooms are provided at the pool area.

The Hotel Management