Saigon Discovery


Being introduced into Vietnam during the French colonisation, the baguette has been named as bánh mì since then, which usually has airier crumb and crispier crust than the French baguette due to the baking tools and technique.

Bánh mì kẹp, which is a popular street food in Vietnam, is the term referring to the Vietnamese baguette stuffed with meat, vegetable, butter, one or two tablespoon of meat sauce, and chili sauce. Since the customers can choose from a wide variety of meat (fried egg, pate, grilled pork, pork roll etc.) and vegetable (coriander, cucumber, onion, carrot etc.) to fill inside the baguette, bánh mì kẹp is so flavourful, personalised and might easily satisfy anyone’s taste and preference.

Apart from being such a delightful and convenient meal in Vietnam as mentioned above, plain bánh mì combining with sweetness makes a simple yet interesting snack. Whereas bread is commonly spread with butter and fruit jam in European countries, Vietnamese bánh mì has been known to be so compatible with condensed milk.

Bánh mì is torn into small pieces, and then dipped into condensed milk, creating a creamy sweet treat called bánh mì chấm sữa. Bánh mì, along with phở, bún, xôi and many other traditional dishes, should be included in the must-try food list of any visitors who want to discover the beauty and uniqueness of Vietnamese cuisine.

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